The Alexander Technique in Music

Selma Gokcen, Course Director
Judith Kleinman and Peter Buckoke, Royal College of Music

About the Flow courseSome musicians say there are two instruments involved when we play music.

So we need to learn about our first instrument—ourselves— then we can grow our practice with our musical instrument with a sense of adventure, exploring from many angles. We benefit hugely from developing our self-awareness and attention in movement, both inwardly and outwardly, and especially in our daily work.

The Alexander Technique offers a foundation for learning that underpins playing, singing, teaching and performing. In this week-long event, we’ll explore various ways to make practice creative, enjoyable and efficient, identifying restricting habits. We’ll look at how our manner of working influences how we think and feel in performance. Smart practice harmonises with our structure, the way we are made to move, see and hear. Powerful performance comes about through the experience of intelligent practice.

Join us for this multi-faceted exploration of the Alexander Technique taking place in the charming medieval village of Tereglio, located in the magnificent Tuscan Alps, where the pure air, the beautiful food, the mountains and the trees help us to bring our music to life.

About the Flow courseWho Can Benefit

We welcome musicians from all walks of the art, Alexander Technique teachers and trainees. If you already work with, or are interested in how to work with musicians, this event is tailored to your needs. There will be opportunities to play and sing in classes and private lessons, with spontaneous chamber music throughout the week.

The Faculty

Selma Gokcen, Judith Kleinman and Peter Buckoke are the course teachers. We are also musicians who share between us 120 years of performing experience and have developed specific ways to communicate the principles of the Alexander Technique, helping musicians to make the connections with practising and performing. We will explore how the Technique can undo long-standing habits in playing and singing, releasing the powerful flow of energy up along the spine and creating the freedom and ease we all look for in our playing.

What Happens on the Course

This course marries the day-to-day practice of the Alexander work with musical activities, consequently the days will be devoted to group sessions and the evenings to films, song, and musical ensembles.

About the Flow course

Each participant will receive at least one private lesson from each member of the faculty, in addition to the two daily group activities. We hope that the intensive immersion amidst surroundings of great beauty will yield lasting insights.

Housing & Meals

We provide gourmet and home-grown food cooked by two husband and wife teams specialising in the local cuisine and there is ample choice for vegetarians as well as omnivores. Lodging is provided by the stunning La Fagiana, a modernised and renovated boutique bed and breakfast as well as selected village houses with guest quarters.

  • Participants will be staying in one of several picturesque houses in the village, including an award-winning hotel La Fagiana. Accommodation will be provided in twin bedded rooms (doubles can be arranged) with breakfast, lunch and dinner at local venues.
  • Single rooms can be arranged upon request.
  • There is free Wi-Fi available at the course venue.
  • The Apennine nature reserve lies on the doorstep of the village, with wonderful walking and river dipping to be found within the area.
  • Participants should plan to arrive on Monday 2nd September by 18.00 so that the welcome meal in the evening will include everyone.
  • Classes begin on Tuesday 3rd September.
  • Departure is the morning of Sunday 8th September after breakfast, and by coach.


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