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Situated in the foothills of the Apennines at 600 metres, Tereglio is surrounded by some of the most beautiful mountain scenery in the region. The village is approximately 1.5 hours from Pisa airport, 2 hours from Florence, and 2.5 hours from Bologna.

We recommend flying into Pisa airport for the easiest journey onwards.

How To Get There

Participants will need to make their own way from the airport to Bagni di Lucca train station (7 miles from Tereglio) from where transport will be arranged by the Course.

Trains run from Pisa airport via Pisa Centrale and Lucca, and also from Florence and Bologna, via Lucca. You can purchase train tickets at the Pisa Centrale train station or through www.trenitalia.com.

If needed, taxi services are run by:

Flow Travel

141, Via Umberto I – 55022 Bagni Di Lucca (LU) |
tel: +39 380 1340472


42, Via Magenta – 55022 Benabbio (LU)
tel: +39 0583 804169

Tereglio is famous for its chestnut products – try the castagnaccio cake.

There is wonderful chestnut honey to be had, and the fresh ricotta served at La Fagiana is out of this world!

The Orrido di Botri

A canyon carved by the Rio Pelago over thousands of years. A deep limestone gorge in the Val Fegana, under the slopes of the Tre Potenze and Rondinaio mountains. The Orrido di Botri has been a nature reserve since 1971 and the canyon is unspoiled. It is home to many rare and majestic animals, such as the royal eagle and the wolf. Besides the wolf that lives all year round in the Apennines, there are roe deer, hare, squirrels, marmots, foxes, porcupines, skunks, pine martens and a small group of goats.

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