Here are some of my reflections on the Alexander Technique as I work with musicians and students, including my own daily explorations. It is all work in progress and a continual discovery. There is so much more to learn and it is this search, not the answers, which I share with you. I hope you enjoy browsing.


New Writing 

An Interview with Selma

The Use of the Legs in Sitting and Standing

I. How to Work

Running After what is Behind You

II. Seeing & Attention

Looking & Seeing

The Eyes Have It

360 degree Attention

More on Attention


III. Faulty Sensory Awareness

“So You Think You Know!”

“So You Think You Know!” Part II

IV. Stopping

“Ready, Set, Stop”

V. The Arms & Hands

Raising the Arms

Raising the Arms Part II

About Thumbs

VI. Quietness

The Power of Quietness

VII. Habit

The Force of Habit

The Process of Unlearning Habits

Holding On for Dear Life

Hit or Miss

VIII. Balance and Power

Stability and Mobility

Power is Energy, Properly Directed

IX. Up & Down

Going Up

X. Thinking in a New Way: Overcoming Habits

Part I: The Value of Quietness

Part II: Finding our Source of Power

Part III: My Cello and Me: A Dynamic Partnership

Part IV: The Arm Becomes the Bow

Part V: Fleet Fingers

Part VI: Putting It All Together